Keynote Speakers

Topic I : Batteries

Prof. Soorathep Kheawhom

Department of Chemical Engineering, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Zinc-based battery systems, Zinc-air batteries, Zinc-iodine batteries, Zinc-ion batteries

Zn ion battery


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Prof. Hikari Sakaebe

National University Corporation Kyushu University

Department of Advanced Device Materials

Electrochemistry, Material Chemistry


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Dr. Peter Axmann

Zentrum für Sonnenenergie-und Wasserstoff-Forschung Baden-Württemberg (ZSW)(Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württemberg)

Head of Material Synthesis Team & Deputy Head of Department ECM

Materials research for electrochemical energy storage


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Prof. Hwang, Bing-Joe(黃炳照教授)

National Taiwan University of Science and technology

Department of Chemical Engineering

Nanoelectrochemistry, Lithium Ion Batteries, Fuel Cells


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Prof. Hsisheng Teng(鄧熙聖教授)

National Cheng Kung University

Department of Chemical Engineering

Lithium Ion Battery, Electrochemical Capacitor, Graphene Oxide Quantum Dots, Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution Reaction


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Prof. Nae-Lih Wu(吳乃立教授)

National Taiwan University

Department of Chemical Engineering

Electrochemical Energy Materials and Nano-Materials


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Topic II : Conversion

Prof. Byungchan Han

Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Yonsei University, South Korea

First Principles, Machine Learning, Catalysts, Batteries, Fuel Cells, Radiochemistry

Prof. Ichiro Yamanaka

Department of Applied Chemistry, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Hydrogen peroxide, Fuel cell reactor, Electrosynthesis, Hydrogen permeation membrane, Hydroxylation

Prof. Akichika Kumatani

JST-PRESTO Researcher, The University of Tokyo

Nanoscale electrochemical imaging, 2-D materials, Lithium-ion batteries, Scanning probe microscopy, Surface and Interface Science

Topic III : Capacitor

Prof. Chi-Chang Hu

Department of Chemical Engineering, National Tsing Hua University

Supercapacitors, Lithium Batteries, Zinc Air Batteries, Water Desalination, Copper Electroplating

Prof. Jeng-Kuei Chang

Department of Materials Science and Engineering, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University

Energy storage technology, Energy materials, Electrochemistry, Ionic liquid electrolyte

Prof Lee Pooi See

School of Materials Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Energy devices, Supercapacitors, Piezoelectric energy, Nanoelectronic materials, Organic electronics

Prof. Jae-Jin Shim

School of Chemical Engineering, Yeungnam University, South Korea

Application of Graphene for Energy Storage, Supercapacitors, Nanocomposites for Photocatalysts and Sensors, Supercritical Fluid Technology (Polymer and Organics Synthesis, Extraction, etc.), Ionic Liquids (Synthesis of Polymers and Organics Materials, Phase Equilibrium), Synthesis of Morphology Controlled Polymers

Topic IV : Basic Electrochemistry

Dr. Shen-Ming Chen (陳生明 特聘教授)

Distinguished Professor

Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, National Taipei University of Technology, Taipei, Taiwan

Instrumental Analysis · Analytical Technology · Electrochemistry · Catalytic Chemistry · Bioinorganic Chemistry


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Dr. Shih-Kang Lin (林士剛 教授)


Department of Materials Science and Engineering, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan

Electronic Materials · Energy Materials · Structural Materials


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Dr. Ching-Chou Wu (吳靖宙 特聘教授)

Distinguished Professor

Department of Bio-industrial Mechatronics Engineering, National Chung Hsing University, Taichung, Taiwan

Laboratory Chip Design And Fabrication · Electrochemical Micro-Sensing Technology · Electrokinetics


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Dr. Zong-Hong Lin (林宗宏 教授)


Department of Biomedical Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan

Micro- and nano- materials / devices for bioelectrical stimulation applications · Self-powered (bio)chemical sensors · Biomedical diagnostic devices · Wearable healthcare electronics and remote intelligent monitoring platform


Website: Link

Topic V : Photoelectrochemistry

Prof. Seigo Ito

Graduate School of Engineering, University of Hyogo

Water-Electrolysing Catalysts, Primary Battery, Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Hydrogen Evolution, Perovskite Solar Cells, Electrochemistry

Prof. Chih-Ming Chen

Department of Chemical Engineering, National Chung Hsing University

Rigid-flex metallization technology, dye-sensitive solar cells, copper electroplating process

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