Venue & Travel Guide

International Building, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

No. 43, Section 4, Keelung Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106

Travel Guide

Highspeed Rail 高鐵

From Taipei Main Station
Upon arrival at Taipei Main Station, you will have the option of the following ground transport options:

  1. Public transport (MRT):
    1. Take MRT Xindian Line (Green Line): Turn left at Gongguan Station No. 2 "Ming Chuan Elementary School" exit, walk along NTU Zhoushan Road, turn right at Luming Hall, cross Keelung Road and turn left to reach our school. Or transfer to No. 1, 673, 907, Green 11, Brown 12 at the "Shuiyuan Market" Exit of Gongguan Station No. 1 to reach the school directly.
    2. Take MRT Wenhu Line (Brown Line): Transfer to 1, 207, 672, 650, Keelung Rd. Line at MRT Liuzhangli Station (to Gongguan, Yonghe direction) to reach our school directly.
  2. Public transport (bus): Exit the station through M5, and take bus 253 to Gongguan Station, from there walk 10-15 minutes to NTUST (30-35 minutes)
  3. Taxi: Take a taxi to National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (15-20 minutes).
    Taxis are the most convenient way to get around in Taipei. The average fare from Taipei Railway Station to NTUST is within NT$200-250. However, very few drivers speak English, so always have your destination written down in Chinese or show a map guide to the driver to indicate where you are heading before starting out. Most yellow taxis can be flagged down along the main streets. Receipts are available upon request. Tipping is not necessary


  1. 公共交通(捷運):
    1. 搭乘捷運新店線:由公館站2號「銘傳國小」出口左轉,沿台大舟山路步行,於鹿鳴堂右轉,過基隆路後左行即可到達本校。或於公館站1號「水源市場」出口轉乘1、673、907、綠11、棕12直達本校。
    2. 搭乘捷運文湖線:於捷運六張犁站(往公館、永和方向)轉乘1、207、672、650、基隆客運板基線直達本校。
  2. 公共交通(公車):M5出站,乘253公車到公館站,步行10-15分鐘到台大(30-35分鐘)
  3. 計程車:搭乘計程車至台科大(15-20分鐘)。 出租車是遊覽台北最方便的方式。 從台北火車站到台科大的平均票價在新台幣 200-250 元之間。 但是,很少有司機會說英語,因此請始終用中文寫下您的目的地,或者在出發前向司機出示地圖指南以指明您的目的地。 大多數黃色出租車都可以在主要街道上停車。 可應要求提供收據。 小費不是必需的。

By Bus
Taking bus number 1, 207, 254, 275 (all versions), 688, 672, 673, 907, G11, B12, Keelung Rd. Line will bring you to National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Station.

搭乘聯營1、207、254、275、275副線、275區間車、688、672、673、907、綠11、棕12、基隆路幹線 都能抵達台灣科技大學站.


Driving Directions 開車

  • Get off at Yuanshan Interchange of Zhongshan Expressway, connect to Taipei Jianguo North-South Elevated Road, get off Xinhai Road and drive towards Muzha, turn right at the intersection of Section 2 of Xinhai Road and Keelung Road (next to the campus of National Taiwan University), and pass Changxing Street Arrive at Taiwan University of Science and Technology.
  • From Northbound Highway 2 to Taipei Liaison Road, turn left at the intersection of the third section of Xinhai Road and Keelung Road, cross Changxing Street and you will arrive at Taiwan University of Science and Technology.

  • 由中山高速公路下圓山交流道,接台北市建國南北高架道路,下辛亥路往木柵方向行駛,於辛亥路二段與基隆路交叉口(台大校園旁)右轉,過長興街後即可到達台灣科大。
  • 由北二高接台北聯絡道,於辛亥路三段與基隆路交叉口左轉,過長興街後即可到達台灣科大。


Parking 停車

If driving to NTUST, parking vouchers may be requested from the event organizers at request, though there are available in limited quantity. Parking is pay by the hour in and around NTUST and Gongguan Area.

如果駕車前往 NTUST,可應要求向活動組織者索取停車券,但數量有限。 台科大和公館區及周邊地區停車按小時收費。


NTUST Campus 


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